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Terma Linca Journeys
Künga Lam, Motithang
Kingdom of Bhutan

About Terma Linca Journeys

Designing moments to treasure! The ‘terma‘ in our name is ancient Bhutanese term for mystical treasures. It shows our passionate code that every moment of your travel in Bhutan through us is to be treasured. We believe in our hearts and minds that you should treasure every moment with us, be it while planning, during or after your travels.

Our optimal blend of travel experience is executed with the best of industry’s professionals that have teamed within the Terma Linca Journeys. There are some of the industry’s earliest professionals providing experience and vision to the enthusiastic and modern trained colleagues that not only understand the global trends or national industry philosophy but who on everyday basis strive to learn about people – you. So that all the knowhow and experience cumulates into making an all encompassing journey just for you.


Sacred Festivals of Bhutan - Punakha Tshechu


This 9 day 8 night program is part of our series that centers around different festivals through the year in Bhutan. This particular one revolves around Punakha Tshechu 2019.

The ancient festivals of Bhutan called the 'tshechus' (meaning the 'tenth day') are considered sacred since they not only celebrate the life of Guru Rimpoche, but also the advent of Buddhist faith in Bhutan and its various milestones.

These festivals conducted and performed by the monks, is also a medium that is used to pass spiritual messages to laity through mask dances or 'Cham' which is best described as 'mystical plays'

The sacred festival in Punakha not only celebrate the Guru's life but also the father of statehood of Bhutan, the Zhabdrung and enacts some century old battle scenes showing how some forces that opposed the country were overcome.

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Places to Visit

Places: Paro, Phobjikha/ Gangtey, Punakha, Thimphu

Sketch Program:
Day 1 Mon Feb 11 Fly into Paro - drive to Thimphu (sightseeing in Paro)

Day 2 Tue Feb 12 Thimphu

Day 3 Wed Feb 13 Thimphu - Gangtey/ Phobjikha

Day 4 Thu Feb 14 Gangtey

Day 5 Fri Feb 15 Gangtey - Punakha

Day 6 Sat Feb 16 Punakha

Day 7 Sun Feb 17 Punakha - Paro

Day 8 Mon Feb 18 Paro - Taktsang Excursion

Day 9 Tue Feb 19 Fly out of Paro

Tour Duration

9 Days