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Nima Zam Bldg.
Bldg. No. 13
Chang Jalu

About Elite Scenic Voyage

Elite Scenic Voyage (ESV) travel agent has come up at the conjunction in the escalation of the True Service Providers & the growing number of visitors tending to seek Bhutan a travel destination.
Tourism Council of Bhutan has her hands at different stages; streamlining plan & policy, facilitation & coordination, regulating & monitoring sustainable use of Natural & Cultural resources.

Realizing the Government’s Tourism policy of HIGH VALUE, LOW IMPACT, ESV intends to offer clients the best considering our niche existence & clients' experiences. We are adamant and confident in giving the best possible.
ESV merely doesn’t book your travel, our big part of the equation is that we get to know our clients and plan accordingly.

“We give all & share equal,
You propose, we deliver.
You choose, we transport.
Discover yourself, we think clients.”

Together we explore!!!

Trashi Delek