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Olakha, Thim Throm, Thimphu

About Ayang Bhutan Travels

Ayang Bhutan Travels is managed by dedicated group of professionals with years of accumulated experience and equipped with an excellent infrastructure. We are committed to offer impeccable services to our valuable guests. Our management will take care of all formalities to ensure smooth travel for your holiday in to Bhutan.

We welcome you to the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’, a country with its pristine environment, well preserved culture and a land of Gross National Happiness.

We are located at Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan and is registered and certified by Tourism Council of Bhutan. Our experienced management team are committed to our duties and customer’s happiness and safety is our priority.

We will not merely show new places , but will extend our knowledge of different culture and history in Bhutan to our customers. We offer you several tour packages (standard and customize) and tailor your tour according to your interest.

we provide one of the best tour and trekking services in Bhutan. Our Tour Guides are very knowledgeable and have vast experiences to undertake different tours and trekking.


7 Days Bhutan Tour with Haa Valley - 7 Days


The tour includes a visit to the Bhutanese capital – Thimphu, the old capital – Punakha, a day at the green valley of Haa, and finally, Paro – home of the international airport. The tour extends to the Haa valley which, until 2002, was closed to the outside world. Less than 10% of visitors to Bhutan make it to this picturesque valley. The strong-boned and resilient people of Haa inhabit the high valleys above 3000m. Typically yak herders and farmers, they cultivate high altitude crops such as wheat, potatoes, barley and millet.

The drive from Paro to Haa passes through Chele La, the highest motorable road in Bhutan so be prepared for spectacular views. Schedule your trip during the annual Haa Summer festival to see the weaving and making of yak hair tents from scratch! Get to see a variety of yak products on display, learn about the process of yak shearing and wool making, experience the culinary traditions of Haa as you see how they transform yak dairy into delicious traditional meals. Expect to stumble on beautiful, one-of-a-kind bargains as the people of Haa are known for their skills in the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan.

Places to Visit

Thimphu, Paro, Punakha & Haa

Tour Duration

7 Days