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+975 17636314


Building 39, Zilukha Road
Zilukha, Thimphu, Bhutan

About Bhutan Molay Travels

Molay in Dzongkha, the national language of Bhutan is a beautiful Woman. We are a company that is specifically set up to enhance women participation and empowerment in the tourism sector of Bhutan.
Bhutan Molay Travels is an exclusively Bhutanese female owned and operated company that works with
other Bhutanese women homeowners, hoteliers, guides and groups across Bhutan.
We aim to provide a unique holiday experience for tourist in Bhutan wherein the benefits from trip goes to local Women. We strive to ensure that global men and women experience the hospitality of Bhutanese women. Most, if not all, the service providers are women and the proceeds from the tour helps in women empowerment in Bhutan.
We target towards women empowerment by providing employment opportunities and platform for women to
meet new people and exchange ideas.
We also work with local communities across Bhutan. We plan and implement programs in collaboration with women entrepreneurs and organizations. We share our profits to grassroot women activities.