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The Druk Neykor or Bhutan Pilgrimage is a nationwide pilgrimage tourism product packaged which has been developed based on the system of “Shikoku Henro” from Japan. The Druk Neykor helps both devout domestic and inbound tourists to visit the endorsed sites. This packaged was developed by Tourism Council of Bhutan(TCB) in collaboration with Department of Culture, Zhung Dratshang and National Land Commission Secretariat. We would like to recommend among many temples, monasteries, sacred sites and monuments in Bhutan.

How to Visit Druk Neykor / Bhutan Pilgrimage?

Tourists/Pilgrims with their pilgrimage stamp books listing the endorsed sites selected from all over Bhutan. Visitors will get officials stamp as proof of their visit when the visitors visit each site. As an essential item for Druk Neykor, the pilgrimage stamp book keeps a permanent record. If a visitor repeatedly visits the same site, the designated person will give a new stamp on his stamp book for each visit.

The designated person at the endorsed site provides stamp on the personal pilgrimage stamp book when the visitors visit the site.

The detailed information for each site can be retrieved on this website by Dzongkhag or searching by site name. Each site’s information page includes site name, opening time, entrance fee, location, access map, characteristics, contact number and so on.

Where to buy a Pilgrimage Stamp Book

Pilgrimage stamp books can be purchased from retailers in Bhutan such as bookstores, airports, souvenir shops, endorsed sites and tour operators.

Retailers who need more stocks of the book can contact Infrastructure and Product Development Division of TCB at

+975 02 323251/323252

[email protected]

Search for Druk Neykor Sites

Let us assist you in finding the Druk Neykor sites you are interested in.

Please click the Dzongkhag where you will visit on the map of Bhutan