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Zhemgang lies in the south central part of Bhutan. It is one of Bhutan’s least discovered districts and a destination that is truly a “off the beaten track”. The temperature is moderately cool that translates it into a biodiversity hotspot which is home to as many as 22 endangered species including the Golden Langur.
The indigenous art of bamboo work such as the making of mats, boxes, bangchungs (colourful bamboo bowls), palang (alcohol container) and balaks (hats) are prominent in this region. People here are much relaxed and the very atmosphere radiates an aura of flattering serenity and relaxation. Agriculture and farming forms the main backdrop of livelihood. Most settlements are far flung from modernity and this translates only into further insight of traditional Bhutanese society undeterred by any changes.

  • Dungmang Tsahchu (hotspring)

    Located at the base of the Mangdue Chu gorge, this hot spring is known for its medical properties an...

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  • Bhar Lhakhang, Buli

    The Lhakhang was initially constructed by Chhodrak Lam Sonam Gyaltshen, the re-incarnation of Kathog...

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  • White water rafting
    White Water Rafting

    As you glide over the rapid gushing river of Mangde Chhu, deep green forest is what mirrors back to ...

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  • Royal Manas National Park

    The wildlife sanctuary was initiated in 1993 to preserve the environment. The park encompasses areas...

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  • Bird watching

    If Bhutan is a birding paradise, Zhemgang is where you realize it. Some of the birds that one can fr...

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  • Pangbang Eco Camp

    This is a part of the Eco Camp trail in Zhemgang. Pangbang Eco Camp lies at about one hour walk from...

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  • Bon Festival (Ngangla Choedpa)

    The practice of Bonism, though in decline, is still existent in Zhemgang. Ngangla Choedpa is one of ...

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  • Trong - The Heritage Village

    Trong is a village located in the vicinity of Zhemgang Dzong. The village is made up of thirty-five ...

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  • Shilling Toe Eco Camp
    Shillingtoe 1

    If you embark on the eco camp trail from Pangbang, Shilling Toe will be your second destination. The...

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  • Gomphu Eco Camp

    Gomphu Eco Camp ends the trail of the eco-camp journey. Birding, biking and hot spring baths are som...

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  • Pangtang Eco Camp
    Pantang 3

    The camp is located by the bank of Mangdechu River. During the trip, one may also visit the communit...

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  • Buli Manmo

    Renowned for its fortune telling abilities, the Buli Manmo Tsho is one of the most frequented lakes ...

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  • Zhemgang Dzong
    Zhemgang dzong

    Zhemgang Dzong sits atop a ridge overlooking the scanty village settlements that surrounds it. The s...

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  • Tali Kuenzang Choekorling Shedra (Tali Shedra)

    Tali Zangdopelri Lhakhang is one of the most prominent newly constructed religious structures under ...

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